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Green Bay, WI – Many people fear going to the dentist, prolonging visits or simply avoiding them altogether. Unfortunately, this can lead to long-term harm, as the body of evidence showing the link between gum disease and other problems grows. Visiting your dentist twice a year, and, more importantly, taking his advice, can help you […]

Green Bay, WI – Dr. Brusky uses three primary dental treatments to prevent and treat cavities: dental fillings, Preventive Resin Restoration (PRR), and sealants. You’ve probably heard of dental fillings and sealants; PRR, not so much. Dr. Brusky believes that patient education is key to excellent dental treatment, and he feels it’s important that you […]

Green Bay, WI– Cracked teeth can be extremely uncomfortable since they exhibit a range of symptoms. From intermittent pain, generally with the release of biting pressure, to pain that occurs when extreme temperatures come into contact with the tooth, this discomfort may seem to come and go. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, […]

Green Bay, WI – Want to strike fear into the heart of a dental patient? Try mentioning the term “root canal”. No other dental treatment has gained as much negative notoriety, not even dental extractions. However, advancements in dentistry and new technology has made the root canal (endodontic treatment) a safe and relatively painless procedure. […]

Green Bay, WI – Jaw bone loss can occur for a variety of reasons. When you lose teeth or have teeth removed, the jaw bone will begin to deteriorate due to lack of stimulation. You can also lose bone in your jaw if you suffer from chronic periodontitis, where the bacteria affecting your gums will […]

Green Bay, WI – You probably don’t have to be told that acid and teeth don’t mix. Take the acid from your stomach, for example. Anyone suffering from GERD knows that tooth wear from acid reflux is a common problem. This patient suffers from GERD (gastric reflux disease). The sides of the teeth are eroded […]

Green Bay, WI – The next time you visit your dentist, you might want to ask about tooth wear, if your dental professional doesn’t bring the subject up first. Tooth wear leading to an uneven, aged smile Smile after treatment Tooth wear is defined as damage to the tooth’s structure that isn’t caused by accident […]