Affordable Dentures for Green Bay, WI Patients

When you’ve lost most or all of your natural teeth, wearing dentures is a viable treatment option. Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that are designed to enhance your smile and provide better chewing by resembling your teeth as closely as possible.

Complete vs. Partial Dentures

When you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, complete dentures may be used. When you’ve only lost some of the teeth in your mouth, partial dentures can fill the hole in your smile, so no one is the wiser. Partial dentures will also prevent remaining teeth from shifting, preserving the integrity of your smile.

Complete dentures come in two forms. The first form is “immediate.” These are the temporary dentures you’re given to wear after all of your teeth have been extracted and while your gum tissue is healing. This healing will take on average about 10-12 weeks. The “conventional” or “definitive” set of dentures are the dentures made after the gums and jawbone have sufficiently healed, and those will take 2 – 4 weeks to arrive after the final impressions for your new denture have been taken.

You may experience some gum tenderness or soreness as you get used to the dentures, but over time through adjustments and adaptation, they will become more comfortable. Dentures need to be cleaned on a nightly basis, and great care should be taken so that they retain the proper shape, color, and feel.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

If you are concerned about your budget, you will be happy to know that dentures are one of the least expensive options for replacing lost teeth. To learn more, speak to Dr. Brusky and his friendly staff at your next appointment. We are sure to find a dentures solution that suits your oral health needs and budget.

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