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Image Source Green Bay, WI – With the rise of alternative dietary philosophies, particularly primal, paleo, and keto, there is a great deal of confusion and anxiety about eating grains of any kind. Many people have gotten the idea that certain enzymes in grains can cause cavities, while others believe that any carbohydrates are absolutely detrimental, […]

Image Source Green Bay, WI – In the past ten years, the medical community saw a huge uptick in the amount of research done about probiotic therapy for gut health, and now the trend is hitting dental research as well. Probiotics are, most succinctly, beneficial bacteria that digest food by-products, thus benefiting the body by […]

Image Source Green Bay, WI – When visiting the dentist, you may hear the term TMJ or TMD tossed into your diagnosis. The temporomandibular joints are not only a mouthful, they control your mouth’s movement. TMJs refer to the muscles and joints that connect your jawbone to your skull, and allow you to open and […]

Image Source Howard, WI – Dental phobia is quite common. In fact, between 5-8% of Americans avoid the dentist completely due to anxiety, and 20% said they would only go out of pure necessity. The best way to eliminate your child’s worries is to team up with your dentist. For example, it never hurts to […]

Source Green Bay, WI – Since many people are now aware of the health problems associated with sugary drinks and carbonated beverages like soda, they have been turning in large numbers to alternatives like sparkling water. In fact, carbonated water sales have skyrocketed in recent years, leading many to wonder if these drinks are a […]

Source Pulaski, WI – Gingivitis is most commonly characterized by symptoms such as swollen or sore gums, bleeding gums around the teeth, receding gums that appear to be retracting from the teeth, and/or persistent bad breath. While most people recognize the name gingivitis, they often don’t know much about it. Here are some things you […]