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Green Bay, WI – “Third molars, or wisdom teeth, affect many people in one way or another,” explains Dr. David Brusky. “Usually, people are told that their wisdom teeth need to be extracted, and there is good reason for this.” Why to Get Wisdom Teeth Extracted There are some cases where extraction is necessary or […]

Green Bay, WI – Want to strike fear into the heart of a dental patient? Try mentioning the term “root canal”. No other dental treatment has gained as much negative notoriety, not even dental extractions. However, advancements in dentistry and new technology have made the root canal (endodontic treatment) a safe and relatively painless procedure. […]

Green Bay, WI – The science of dentistry is changing as more modern techniques and materials are replacing those methods we have all come to associate with the dentist’s office. Many dentists are adopting these practices, which fall under the umbrella of the term minimally invasive dentistry. Minimally invasive dentistry, as the name implies, focuses […]

Green Bay, WI – The job of your dentist is to protect the health of your mouth. Through a thorough and comprehensive dental exam at least once a year, your dentist not only cleans your teeth, he also ensures the teeth, gums and other tissues are strong and healthy. But if you aren’t doing your […]

Green Bay, WI – Do you know what xylitol is, or its many benefits to your health? Dr. David Brusky touts the benefits of its use to his patients. “Xylitol is a wonderful, all natural sweetener that has a host of health benefits,” says Dr. Brusky. “It is a wonderful sugar substitute because it has […]