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Cleanings & Prevention by the Dentist Green Bay’s Families Trust

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Experienced Family Dentist with a Gentle Touch

At the Center for Dental Excellence, we make preventive dentistry a top priority. Dr. Brusky and his caring team will work with you to prevent the onset, progression, and recurrence of many dental diseases and conditions.

At-Home Dental Care

Excellent dental care prevention begins at home. Engage in good oral hygiene and eat a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, each morning and every night, you should be brushing and flossing to prevent bacteria, plaque buildup, and tooth decay. Dr. Brusky and his hygienists will continue your prevention efforts with regular dental exams and cleanings.

Gentle and Thorough Dental Exams

Dr. Brusky has made it his mission to serve patients in the Howard, Seymour, De Pere, Pulaski and Shawano areas with gentle dentistry and superior results. Whether you require a routine cleaning and X-rays or dental sealants,  fluoride or porcelain veneers, Dr. Brusky will treat you and your smile with kindness and respect.

By scheduling regular appointments with Dr. Brusky, you can keep the many common dental ailments at bay while brightening another’s day with your beautiful smile.
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