Dental Exams and Cleanings

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Green Bay

Dental exams are the cornerstone of any dental office. Your first appointment will consist of a comprehensive mouth exam conducted by Dr. Brusky. You will then be scheduled periodic exams at appropriate intervals to keep your mouth healthy and beautiful.

Gentle and Painless Dentistry

Your first exam will consist of diagnostic x-rays (radiographs), which can help Dr. Brusky detect tooth decay, bone loss, cysts, and tumors. X-rays can also help Dr. Brusky determine tooth and root positions.

green bay dental exam

In addition, Dr. Brusky will perform a thorough oral cancer screening. This is a scan of the face, neck, lips, gums, throat and all surrounding tissues to check for oral cancer.  Early detection is key, as many forms of oral cancer are treatable.

Dr. Brusky will then search for tooth decay on all tooth surfaces using an explorer and other diagnostic tools and will examine all existing dental restorations, like fillings, crowns, veneers, and dentures.

A periodontal (gum) disease evaluation follows next. This is where Dr. Brusky will screen your gums and bone that surround the teeth for any signs of disease.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Once the examination has concluded, you will be scheduled for a thorough periodontal examination by the hygienist and, if appropriate, a preventative cleaning. This involves the removal of tartar and plaque, which helps to prevent gum disease, followed by teeth polishing, which makes your smile look healthy and radiant.

How Much Does Professional Teeth Cleaning Cost?

The cost of a radiant and beautiful smile varies from patient to patient, depending on your needs. Ask our friendly staff about insurance and payment options, as we’re sure we can come up with a professional teeth cleaning plan that suits you.

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