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Digital X-Rays in Green Bay, WI

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At The Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Brusky uses dental x-rays (digital radiography) to diagnose many common teeth and mouth problems. The sensor can capture images instantly and display them on a screen. This allows Dr. Brusky to pinpoint tooth decay, bone loss, tumors, and cysts with greater accuracy than the old film-based X-rays.

Dental X-Rays Are Completely Safe

You should never be worried about getting x-rays at your next dental appointment. Did you know that you are exposed to natural radiation on a daily basis just from the environment? It’s true. And dental x-rays put off much lower levels of radiation than traditional x-rays, which are already designed to offer extremely low levels of radiation exposure. Digital x-rays are also better for the environment because they don’t require chemicals to develop them as film does.

Dr. Brusky will ensure your complete comfort during the x-ray procedure and will diagnose dental issues quickly, allowing you to get back to work or school promptly.

Should X-Rays Be Taken Regularly?

How frequently you should have dental X-rays taken depends on your individual needs. However, generally speaking, the full mouth series you receive at your first appointment will be good for five years.

The Cost of Dental X-Rays

Ask Dr. Brusky and his professional staff about the cost of X-rays at your next appointment. Some x-ray treatments are covered or reimbursed by insurance. Ask the front desk for more details.

Dr. Brusky is extremely conservative when it comes to x-rays.  If you have old ones that are still of diagnostic quality, we will gladly use those. Checking for decay on a regular basis typically only requires four bitewing x-rays of the back teeth. We go a step further and will only do them every two years if no existing restorations exist between the teeth and no areas of concern are present.  It should never be one-size-fits-all when it comes to x-rays.
For a comfortable dental x-ray experience, call Dr. Brusky’s office at (920) 662-1440 or use the handy form on the right to schedule an appointment.

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