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Oral Hygiene Aids Offered in Green Bay, WI

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While Dr. Brusky can help to keep many dental ailments at bay with bi-yearly exams, he still encourages you to engage in regular at-home dental care.

Avoiding future dental problems is easy once you establish a routine. The key to improving your dental routine is finding products that offer the most value while keeping your mouth sparkling clean.


Dental floss should be made of nylon or polyethylene that will easily slide between teeth. If you use a floss holder, be careful that you don’t get too rough, as you can cause soft tissue damage and bleeding. For best results, floss at least once daily, preferably before you go to bed at night.

Interdental Cleaning Products

Want to supercharge your flossing routine? Use an interdental cleaner, which consists of a tiny brush that is gentle on the gums, but incredibly effective for cleaning the contours in between teeth.

You can find interdental brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local supermarket or drugstore.  There are also interdental “stimulators” which do aid in cleaning between the teeth but also stimulate the gums to produce more keratin, the protein that makes our hands and feet more abrasion resistant and tough.

These stimulators are made of soft balsa wood and can be kept in the car or next to the TV remote so that you will be reminded to use them regularly.

Oral Irrigators (Water Jets/Piks)

These products shoot a forceful stream of water in between teeth to clean bits of food and debris, similar to the effects of flossing. While oral irrigators can keep your mouth healthy and clean, they shouldn’t replace brushing or flossing as part of your at-home oral care routine.

Rubber Tip Stimulators

If you have plaque along your gum line, these flexible instruments will root out that nasty plaque along the gum line while stimulating blood flow. The tips can be traced along the outer and inner gum line and can be used once per day.

Tongue Cleaning Tools

Dr. Brusky is a huge fan of tongue cleaners, also known as tongue scrapers.  Tongue cleaners can help to remove fungi, bacteria, and food debris from the tongue’s surface. These elements can also give you bad breath, and lead to many systemic illnesses like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and others.  Dr. Brusky recommends using these every single time you brush your teeth.


Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush, as it’s easier on your gums, and make sure you replace your brush every three months. A smaller toothbrush will more easily fit between the crevices in your mouth, and power toothbrushes help you do a more thorough job. Many power toothbrushes also come with a two-minute timer, which is the recommended timeframe for effective tooth brushing.

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