Porcelain Onlays

Porcelain Onlays in Green Bay, WI

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Dr. Brusky uses porcelain onlays or partial crowns to restore lost tooth structure in back teeth and restore your oral health. These custom-made fillings are comprised of a composite material, tooth-colored porcelain, or gold. Patients prefer onlays because they resemble your natural teeth.

The process for fitting porcelain onlays is a simple one. The tooth that has lost structure will be prepared to receive the partial filling. Dr. Brusky will choose to use onlays on teeth that have large, defective fillings and those that have been damaged by trauma or decay. The goal is always to remove as little of the healthy tooth structure as is necessary to fit the partial crown and solidify it in place.

It should be noted that porcelain onlays are not always permanent and may need to be replaced at some point in the future. However, they do offer quality, durability and with proper care, they’ll last indefinitely.

Why Choose Porcelain Onlays?

Dr. Brusky may recommend onlays for your teeth if they are fractured or broken, or if they require cosmetic enhancement. Any tooth that has lost structure or that no longer looks healthy will be a good candidate for onlays. Of course, for teeth with severe decay or lost structure, a full porcelain crown will typically be used.

A Two-Appointment Procedure

It will take two appointments for your onlay procedure.  At your first appointment, two impressions will be taken that will be used to create both your temporary restoration and your final, custom onlay.

While the tooth is numb, Dr. Brusky will remove any decay and/or old filling materials before idealizing the preparation to receive an onlay.   Preserving healthy tooth is paramount.   A temporary onlay will then be made to hold space and prevent sensitivity.

At your second appointment, your new onlay will be bonded into place.   The restoration will then be adjusted to ensure a proper fit and comfortable bite.

How Much Do Porcelain On-Lays Cost?

The cost of on-lays depends on how many you require and your individual oral health needs. Talk to Dr. Brusky at your next dental appointment to see if you are a viable candidate for porcelain on-lays, and to receive a more accurate assessment and quote. Dr. Brusky and his friendly staff are dedicated to finding a solution that suits you and your budget.

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