Dr. Brusky Explains the Best Choice of Dental Crowns for You

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Porcelain crowns have been the rising trend among dental patients, as they look more natural in the mouth than metal-alloy crowns, and seem to have fewer problems long term. With so many different kinds, however, it can be confusing to know which available option is best for you. Here, Dr. Brusky will explain the differences and advantages of several types of porcelain crowns.

Zirconia Crowns

These are two-layer crowns. The base coping layer is made of zirconium, while the outer layer is made of feldspathic material. They appear very opaque (solid color, not slightly translucent like natural teeth) and bright white. Thus, it is ideal for back teeth, or for those who love a bright-white look, which can look attractive if crafted by a master dentist. These are very strong, but they can appear dark at the gumline if the outer material is not thick enough to hide the base layer. 

E.Max Crowns

This type of crown is made entirely of ceramic porcelain and has no brittle veneering porcelain. This makes it incredibly strong (360-1000 mpa)–strong enough to withstand night-time grinding without excessive wear. It also mimics the natural translucency of teeth, making it a first-rate choice for front teeth and for people who prefer the most natural look. Very easy to blend into your real teeth.

Empress Esthetic Dental Crowns

Like E-Max crowns, Empress Esthetic has the beautiful, non-opaque look of one’s real teeth. It also doesn’t present black at the gumline, as do metal and even zirconia crowns (when done improperly). It is a top choice among many dentists for front teeth. These crowns are especially great for those that do not grind or clench their teeth, as they are slightly weaker than e.max (at 160 mps)–being made of two layers (leucite glass and ceramic).

A professional dentist like Dr. Brusky– experienced in installing various types of crowns specifically chosen to suit each individual patient, will best advise you on what type of ceramic crown is best for your case. To schedule your consultation, call (920)662-1440.


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