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Fixed Bridges for Green Bay, WI Patients

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What is Full Arch Replacement?

A full arch replacement, or fixed bridge, can be anchored to dental implants to offer a permanent solution to multiple tooth loss. Dr. Brusky can replace up to a full jaw of missing teeth, resulting in a solution that performs and looks just like your natural teeth. It must be stated that you don’t need one implant for each missing tooth.

With a full arch replacement, you can eat your favorite foods, speak normally, and smile with confidence. Your facial muscles will also be restored to the way they looked when you still had all of your natural teeth.

It takes about 8 to 12 office visits to have a fixed bridge installed. While this sounds grueling, many of Dr. Brusky’s patients comment that time went by quickly, and the appointments were gentle as could be.

There is an alternative to the screw-retained full arch replacement, and that’s a removable overdenture. These appliances connect to metal studs or bars that are anchored in place by the implants.


How Much Do Full Arch Replacements Cost?

The technologies and techniques used to place full arch replacements vary, and so does the cost associated with those treatments. Dr. Brusky never wants you to forgo dental treatment because of cost. Talk to Dr. Brusky and his caring staff at your next dental appointment, and we’re sure to find a full arch replacement procedure that suits your needs and budget.

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With a gentle dental fixed bridge, you’ll be back to smiling in no time.

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