Multiple Tooth Replacement

Teeth Replacement Offered to Green Bay, WI Patients

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When you need to replace several teeth in the back of the mouth, a fixed bridge on dental implants is the only option for something non-removeable. Traditional dentures are another option, but they don’t offer the stability or function you get when you opt for a fixed bridge.

What is the Treatment Process for a Fixed Bridge?

Dr. Brusky will first conduct a thorough examination to determine if you are a good candidate for a fixed bridge. If you are, you should expect to come back for around 4 to 5 additional visits until the fixed bridge is attached permanently.

What is a Fixed Bridge Exactly?

A fixed bridge consists of a single prosthetic that contains all the teeth you may be missing. To hold the restoration in place, dental implants will be surgically implanted into your jawbone. These become artificial tooth roots that hold your bridge in place. Once healed, you’ll have a fully-formed smile that looks just as radiant as it did when you had all your natural teeth in place.

You’ll be able to eat your favorite foods, your speech will sound normal, and you’ll get quite the confidence boost as you show off your new pearly whites.

What About Removable Partial Dentures?

Removable partial dentures are another option for multiple teeth restoration. Made of plastic and metal and a bit uncomfortable and bulky at times, these dental prostheses are less costly than fixed bridges and are quicker to place, but they don’t offer the same aesthetics or durability as fixed bridges.

Removable partial dentures clip onto your remaining natural teeth with the use of metal clasps that look like a small metal hook. These clasps may be visible in your mouth, and there is greater wear-and-tear to the remaining teeth through a “crow bar” effect.  Decay is also a greater risk for teeth with clasps on them.  The few advantages include less cost and less time to replace the missing teeth. For people with no other option, this is still far better than trying to eat with several missing teeth.

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