Antibiotic Treatment

Antibiotic Treatment for (Gum) Disease

Periodontal Treatment Green Bay

If you suffer from periodontal disease, Dr. Brusky may prescribe antibiotics. This may be a stand-alone solution. In other cases, Dr. Brusky will also schedule a procedure known as scaling and root planning, which is a professional deep cleaning of the teeth and gums.

How Are Oral Antibiotics Administered or Taken?

Antibiotics can come in oral and topical form and is applied directly to the gums or pockets where the teeth meet the gums. Antibiotic treatments are a very effective way of treating gum disease.

Dr. Brusky will prescribe a low dose of oral antibiotics for long or short-term use, depending on how much treatment you require to keep bacteria from re-colonizing.

Types of Oral Antibiotics

There are several different types of oral antibiotics. The type you are prescribed will depend on your unique case. Side effects of the topical gels or strips are minimal because the dose is small, and treatment is designed so that the antibiotics only affect the targeted area. The most commonly used direct delivery antibiotic in our office is Arestin®. This Minocycline antibiotic mixture comes in mini capsules which are delivered into the gums after scaling and root planing.

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