Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

Periodontal Deep Cleaning in Green Bay, WI

Scaling and root planing describes a professional deep cleaning of the pockets that exist where the teeth meet the gums. When bacteria and toxins build up in gum pockets, irritation and inflammation can result. Scaling and root planing scrubs bacteria and toxins away while also ridding the mouth of plaque and tartar.

The pockets will be cleaned, which will then allow the gums to heal. This is an effective procedure if you suffer from gingivitis or moderate to severe periodontal disease.

Why Should You Choose Scaling and Root Planing?

Scaling and root planing may be used along with antibiotics or as a stand-alone treatment to rid the mouth of oral bacteria, plaque, tartar, and all associated toxins.

The treatment can also prevent diseases, such as heart disease and lung infections, as well as keep teeth protected against infection and decay. The treatment can help with severe tooth staining and can even improve your breath.

What to Expect with Scaling and Root Planing

Dr. Brusky’s hygienist will perform a thorough examination while referring to the previously taken  X-rays to determine if you are a good candidate for scaling and root planing. The hygienist will also determine if a topical anesthetic should be used or an injection should be done to keep you comfortable.

Scaling is performed using special dental instruments that remove calculus and plaque from the surface of the crown and tooth root. The scaling device may also include an irrigation process that delivers an antimicrobial agent below the gums to help reduce the amounts of oral bacteria.

Root Planing removes the toxins and tartar that have built up on the dentin and cementum of the tooth root. The root is then smoothed to promote health and gum fiber reattachment. Once your roots are smooth and clean, bacteria colonization will become much more difficult in the future.

The hygienist may also treat your gum pockets with antibiotics to help soothe the irritation and help your gum tissue heal more quickly.

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