Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting for Green Bay, WI Patients

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of bone loss in the oral cavity, with wearing partial dentures and facial trauma as other contributing factors.  The bone grafting procedure is an excellent way to replace lost bone tissue and encourage regeneration of the natural bone. Bone grafting is a versatile and predictable procedure that fulfills several functions.

A bone graft may be required to create a stable base for a dental implant or to halt the progression of gum disease. There are several types of dental bone grafts.  The following are the most common:

  • Autogenous bone graft: Bone harvested from a donor site within the same patient such as the hip
  • Allograft: Sterilized cadaver bone or synthetic bone
  • Xenograft: Bone from another species, such as a cow or pig

Reasons for Bone Grafting

There are a wide variety of reasons why bone grafting may be the best option for restoring the jawbone. While you should consult with your dentist, know that bone grafting often helps these three situations: dental implants, sinus lift, and ridge augmentation.

What Does Bone Grafting Treatment Involve?

Bone grafting is a fairly straightforward procedure performed under local or general anesthetic.

Initially, the grafting material needs to either be harvested or prepared for insertion.  A small incision is made in the gum tissue and then gently separated from the bone.  The bone grafting material is then placed at the affected site.

The gum is sutured in place, and a follow-up appointment will need to be made within ten days to assess progress.  Bone grafting is a highly successful treatment and a good base for further implant or removable denture restorations.

How Much Does Bone Grafting Cost?

Bone grafting is a medical procedure that typically makes use of anaesthesia, so the procedure can be costly. However, the treatment can also be life-changing. Don’t let cost deter you from improving your life. Talk to Dr. Brusky and his caring staff at your next appointment about bone grafting and they’ll help you navigate your budget concerns.

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