Regenerative Procedures

Regenerative Dental Procedures in Green Bay, WI

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There are many regenerative dental procedures available to restore health to the gums, bone, and teeth that have been destroyed by periodontal disease. The following are the most commonly used regenerative procedures:

Bone Regeneration

Dental implants and other restorative procedures depend on a strong and thick mandible (jawbone). When periodontal disease has taken hold, the mandible may have become too narrow to support an implant. Natural bone regeneration (or bone grafting) is one of the best ways to promote growth and thicken the jawbone.

Gum Tissue Regeneration

A gum graft aims to symmetrically contour the gum line, covering any exposed tooth roots to restore health to the gums. Ultimately, the soft tissue surrounding the teeth will naturally regenerate, producing a healthy smile.

Socket Preservation

This is a procedure performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist to allow for the regeneration of bone where a tooth or teeth have been removed. It is completed at the time of extraction and helps prevent shrinkage of the mandible that will occur as part of the normal healing process. It will allow for the placement of implants in the ideal position necessary for function and aesthetics.

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