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E-Max(™) Crowns for Stronger, Healthier Teeth

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Damaged teeth and those in poor condition can be strengthened and made to look like new thanks to ceramic crowns. The all-ceramic e.max™ crown looks and performs like your natural teeth, and will last indefinitely.

The Benefits of e-max™ Crowns

When you opt for an e-max crown, you get superior esthetic results. Smile whenever you wish and make great first impressions. There will be no dark lines at the gums and pieces can be fitted quickly with short and convenient treatment times.

The e-max™ Treatment Procedure

Dr. Brusky will first evaluable your teeth before making an impression of the existing tooth crown. The impression will be used to create the temporary crown with any necessary modifications to make it blend with your adjacent teeth.

The natural tooth will be prepared first before the temporary crown is glued in. After 7-14 days, the final crown will be securely bonded to place.

By the last treatment appointment, you’ll walk out of Dr. Brusky’s with a more complete smile and a boost in self-esteem.

Dr. Brusky can give you instructions on how to care for your e-max crown on a daily basis, along with your usual oral care routine, so that the prosthetic looks its best long into the future.

For patients in Seymour, Howard, De Pere, Pulaski, and Shawano who would like to know more about e-max crowns for enhancing existing teeth, call (920) 662-1440 or use the handy form on the right to contact Dr. Brusky’s office today.