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Empress Esthetic(™) Dental Crowns (Caps) for Strong, Healthy Teeth

empress esthetic crown de pere

One of your front teeth has been damaged or doesn’t look so good. What can be done? Dr. Brusky might suggest an Empress Esthetic™ crown in cases like yours.

The Empress Esthetic is comprised of 100% ceramic and offers myriad advantages over traditional dental crowns. Besides looking like a strong, healthy tooth, the crown offers superior esthetics to virtually any crown on the market.

If you are not a patient who grinds their teeth a lot, these crowns are the preferred restoration for their beauty and life-like appearance.

What to Expect

Dr. Brusky will evaluate your existing tooth and make an impression, which will be used to create the temporary crown.

The natural tooth will be prepared to receive the crown before a temporary crown is glued on top. After 7-10 days, Dr. Brusky will bond your permanent crown to your prepared tooth, fortifying it against disease and decay.

Empress Esthetic™ crowns are but one option for restoring unattractive or structurally compromised teeth. If you live in Green Bay, Howard, Pulaski, De Pere, Seymour, or Shawano and you have a tooth that’s decayed or discolored, call (920) 662-1440 and ask about esthetically-pleasing Empress Esthetic™ crowns at your next appointment.