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Zirconia Crowns for Ultra-Strong Teeth Restorations

zirconia crowns green bay

If you have a history of breaking porcelain crowns or you tend to grind your teeth or clench them, Zirconia crowns may be for you.

Zirconia is a relatively new material in cosmetic dentistry. While it’s technically a metal on the periodic table, it looks just like ceramic. Crowns made entirely of this material are laser-milled by a machine which results in dental prosthetics that rival the strength of all-metal crowns.

For patients with a history of breaking porcelain crowns or who have a grinding or clenching habit, this material will have more durability in the long run and is much more esthetic than all-metal crowns.

While not as esthetic as an e.maxTM or Empress EstheticTM crown, they can still be used satisfactorily even in the front of the mouth. There is a new zirconia material called HT which stands for high translucency. It is now able to rival the aesthetics of e-max. It is also possible to veneer zirconia crowns with porcelain for enhanced esthetics.

Why Choose Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns appear as natural teeth, and they’re incredibly strong, making them perfect for the back teeth. They can be made as thin as possible, allowing for less tooth reduction, and they can mask any type of tooth – diseased, decayed, or discolored.

What to Expect with Zirconia Crowns

Dr. Brusky will schedule two appointments to fit your new crown in place. Dr. Brusky will first make an impression of your teeth so that a temporary crown can be created.  The tooth will be prepped and a mold made to send to a lab. The temporary crown will be glued over the prepared tooth while the dental lab fabricates the zirconia crown. After a week or so, the permanent crown will be affixed and bonded in place, providing strength and durability indefinitely.

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