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The Oral Health and Total Body Health Connection

A strong connection has been found linking periodontal disease with other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and pregnancy complications. You are said to have periodontal disease if your gums are chronically inflamed, and attachment of the gums to the roots of the teeth has been disrupted.

Powerful Reasons to See Your Dentist, Brush and Floss

Engaging in regular periodontal treatment and at-home oral care can halt the progression of periodontal disease while helping you maintain good oral hygiene.

With more studies emerging showing the link between oral health and total body health, patients in De Pere, Howard, Seymour, Pulaski, and Shawano are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brusky to determine if you suffer from gum disease.

The sooner the disease is caught, the more options exist to treat it. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done, including gum recession, bone and tooth loss, and a variety of systemic diseases.

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