Bite Analysis

Dental Bite Problems in Green Bay, WI

bite anlysis

When a patient comes into our office with worn or broken teeth restorations, sensitive gum lines, facial muscle pain, or loose teeth, it usually indicates a bite problem. To determine the best treatment options to correct a malocclusion (bad bite), impressions of the teeth and measurements are made that allow the dentist to evaluate the bite to decide which treatments may be appropriate.

How Are Bite Problem Corrected?

The techniques used for bite correction include the reshaping of the back teeth, restorations like fillings or crowns, orthodontics, and/or splint therapy.

Precise, minuscule amounts of tooth structure can be removed to allow the teeth to fit together dramatically better. It is imperative that this adjustment is performed on stone models of a patient’s teeth first to see if a harmonious bite can be achieved. It also tells the dentist if any teeth will need fillings or crowns to help create stability. It shows where reshaping is required, how much is needed and helps to estimate a realistic timeframe.

If a bite is too far off, the analysis will show that orthodontics may be the only way to achieve an orthopedically stable bite. If a patient refuses orthodontic treatment, at the very least a splint (night guard) can be made to protect the teeth, jaw joints, and muscles from further wear and tear.

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